Fluorescent Lighting: Advantages to You

Fluorescent lighting made its debut in 1934. Both critics and lovers of the light exist even today, but it has undoubtedly proved itself a worthy lighting in the more than 70 years its been around. Popularity of the lighting has flourished over the past few years. What are the advantages of this lighting that has made so many people do a double take and opt for fluorescent over traditional lighting?

The biggest advantage of fluorescent is that it lasts longer. You’ll get many great hours of lighting from the lighting. It is perfect for homes and businesses who want true light to shine through. It is also an environmentally-friendly product and most people want products that are better for the world.

The bulbs are energy-efficient, so using them means that you will reduce the amount of energy that is used in the home. This means that the energy bills that you pay also decrease in size. Saving money is always nice.

It is easy to find fluorescent light fixture parts when wear and tear occurs. It isn’t always easy to find LED replacement parts, so that is also a big advantage that users enjoy when using the new and improved fluorescent lights.

There are disadvantages of fluorescent lighting, however. One of the biggest is the fact that there is mercury inside of the bulbs. If the mercury is inhaled or ingested, it can be poisonous. This is the biggest disadvantages and while users have some other complaints, the lighting is enjoyed far more than it is not.

fluorescent light fixture parts

Advantages like these make it easy for you to switch over and see the light and enjoy all of the awesome perks day in and day out! Learn more about fluorescent lighting and you will discover even more great reasons to love the lighting.